Siemens SIMATIC IT UAF (United Architecture Foundation)

SIMATIC IT Unified Architecture Foundation is a platform for creating an integrated MOM ecosystem, targeting the current and future transformational technologies that are shaping the future of manufacturing: mobile internet, automation of knowledge work, the Internet of Things, and the Cloud.

Siemens DM (Discrete manufacturing)

Siemens MES SIMATIC IT For Discrete manufacturing is a set of solutions to cover all manufacturing operations in the Discrete Industry market.

SIMATIC IT Preactor Advanced Scheduling

The Preactor Advanced Scheduling solution, while a key module of the SIMATIC IT MES (Manufacturing Execution System) is also sold as a separate module to companies in need of advanced scheduling functionality.

SIMATIC IT Preactor Advanced Planning

The Preactor AP (Advanced Planning) solution is used by companies to determine future (6 u2013 24month) capacity requirements to ensure that adequate capacity is available to meet future demand.