The Packaging sector faces unique demands that make planning and scheduling particularly challenging

Some of the Unique Challenges
  • The need to minimize setups by correct sequencing
    • Setups need to be minimized by sequencing production in the correct print and / or size and finish sequences to avoid changeovers and washdowns.
  • To supply and meet delivery date promises.
    • By ensuring that the initial sequencing is correct.
    • By ensuring that all materials, tools and skills are considered when developing a schedule.
    • By loading and holding “quotes” for a limited period when negotiating new orders.
    • By considering the impact of new orders or changes to existing orders on the current schedule.
  • The need to utilize capacity efficiently
    • by ensuring the resources are used when work is available.
    • by easily moving work between resources when the opportunity or need arises.
  • The need to minimize waste
    •  by ensuring the best use of raw materials e.g. reducing split waste

Scheduling Solutions can help you address these challenges

Utilizing the Siemens Opcenter APS (Advanced Production Scheduling solution) together with a production tracking solution, we will work with you to design and implement a solution that addresses the business needs while taking all the unique challenges into account.

Key capabilities

The key capabilities of this solution will be

  • The ability to schedule jobs in the correct sequences to minimize setups and washdowns.
  • The ability to consider the availability of materials and projected due date of purchase orders, when loading jobs into the schedule.
  • To ability to improve customer service by providing more accurate delivery due date promises and progress feedback availability.
  • To allow what-ifs to explore alternate schedules, to understand the consequences of changes to the schedule requested by customers or caused by other events.
  • To consider the progress of jobs in production when developing new schedules.
  • Provide work schedules by resource area to ensure all departmental activities are coordinated.
  • To automate sequencing to minimize setups while making the best use of available resources.

Reported Benefits

Benefits reported by Packing sector providers are amongst others

  • Significant improvements in customer service e.g.
    • Meeting due dates promised
    • Providing accurate in progress feedback
    • Being able to accommodate priority changes
  • Reductions in WIP as a result of
    • Starting work when materials are available.
    • Working on the correct task sequences.
  • Major increases in productivity as a result of
    • Ensuring all staff are aware of work to be completed
    • Activity tracking
    • Reductions in unnecessary overtime.
  • Significant reductions in scheduling effort
  • ROI measured in months

Case studies report numbers such as

  • Productivity increased by 45% in one year plus significant reduction in WIP and improvements in customer service
  • Increased schedule horizon from a few days, to the full extent of the order book.
  • Significant increases in customer service

Discover more about the Siemens Opcenter APS

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