“These benefits are often symptomatic of the factory mastering the most fundamental element viz. improved co-ordination.”

George Bush Senior is famous for having said “Read My Lips – No New Taxes”. Well maybe not famous just for that, and we would like the words to have more local meaning. I digress.

When we talk to prospects about installing or using an APS, for the justification, we all focus on hard returns that we can use in ROI calculations.

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Play the Preactor Planning and Scheduling Game!

You will have to :

  • Choose your character – either Theo, a product manager, or Victor, a planning manager
  • Understand the manufacturing operations required for production
  • Place operations in order across production resources
  • Consider machine and staff availability
  • Schedule operations to meet your delivery date
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We are excited to announce the latest version of APS has been released! Preactor APS Version 17.2 features improvements to Advanced Planning, material pegging and Gantt interaction.

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From strategic planning to detailed scheduling, Advanced Planning & Scheduling (APS) is essential for anticipating manufacturing resource needs; orchestrating efficient use of material, people, and machines; and delivering great customer service and higher profitability.

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