Advanced Planning and Scheduling for the Discrete Manufacturing Sector

Scheduling Solutions

Scheduling Solutions focuses on the marketing, sale, implementation and support of the Siemens SIMATIC IT UAF (United Architecture Foundation), Siemens DM (Discrete manufacturing) and Preactor Advanced Planning and Advanced Scheduling solutions.

Scheduling Solutions implements and trains your staff to use these tools to improve operational effectiveness, efficiency and data accuracy. These improvements result in improved customer service and productivity, together with decreased stock and planning and scheduling effort.

Software we support

Siemens SIMATIC IT UAF (United Architecture Foundation)
Siemens DM (Discrete manufacturing)
SIMATIC IT Preactor Advanced Scheduling
SIMATIC IT Preactor Advanced Planning

Industries we serve

Scheduling solutions operates in the discrete manufacturing sector: manufacturing plants that produce products in batches. We serve a wide variety of industries across South Africa, with a specific focus on clothing and textiles, pharmaceuticals, packaging and plastics, and food and beverage industries.

The discrete manufacturing sector faces constant uncertainty with the economy, competition and the rising costs of manufacturing. Advanced planning and scheduling is critical to any manufacturing organisation.
Food & Beverage
Clothing & Textiles
Plastics & Packaging

Planning vs. Scheduling


Planning the amount of production required by a facility within a timeframe to meet demand. This is a long-term activity and is planning the resources for a required production run. I.e. what raw materials do I need, number of staff to employ etc to be able to facilitate the orders for the Christmas production. A planning tool is essential to enhance competitiveness, increase profits and improve customer service.

Planning works days, weeks and months ahead and helps you decide:
  • WHAT to make
  • WHEN to make
  • HOW MUCH to make
  • WHERE to make
  • Provides information on MATERIALS required
  • Provides information on RESOURCES required


Scheduling is more detailed and shorter term, working in minutes, hours, and days of an actual production run. Scheduling allows for the planning of how what and when each item of a specific production run will be done, based on the actual resources and machinery available in the factory at that specific time. For instance, it can be generated daily for individual machines, teams or people considering any constraints, such as resources that have limits like tools, people, skills or processes. Scheduling works within the parameters of set by planning.

Scheduling Works minutes, hours and days ahead and helps you with:
  • HOW BEST to make (Execution against plan)
  • PRIORITIES, constraints and conflicts
  • MONITORING Execution
  • MANAGING change

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